BEAUTY: Bath & Body Works Shea and Vitamin E Lotion

Bath & Body Works is one of those brands I've always meant to try. After hearing about their products from multiple people for the past year or so, I finally got around to it. With it being winter, I decided to stock up on their lotions!

From the ingredients list, it seems the formulation for all the lotions are exactly the same. It is the scent and colour of the lotion that changes. The majority of the scents have sweet overtones, which is quite nice. Moonlight Path is the exception in the four I tried; it has a fresh, powdery smell. There are so many different scents available that there is sure to be one that appeals to you. 

The lotion itself is very light and quick to absorb, which made me assume it wouldn't moisturize for very long. And in dry Canadian winters, its important to use something that is hydrating yet non-greasy. But I'm happy to say I was wrong! The lotion actually provides all the moisturization of heavier lotions (such as Palmer's) without the heavy feel. After about two weeks of use - I'm thinking I should try all the different scents. Overall, satisfied with the product and would recommend. What is your favourite, go-to lotion in the winter months? 



  1. Hi! Just found your blog. I like Avon lotions myself, but they come in fewer scents then b&bw

  2. Hellooo! Never tried Avon's lotions before but I might look into them when I finish all these haha